Relationships Matter

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My posts express concerns about the plight of the poor and homeless who appear to be forgotten by society as a whole. However, I believe our world includes kind and caring people who are willing to serve those who are less fortunate and suffer from economic and political disadvantages. I welcome comments from those who agree or feel passionate about social and environmental injustices of the world.

I also have concerns about education, including strategies and methods used to teach our youth who will one day become the leaders of the country. My years as a teacher, mentor, administrator, and school consultant has provided me with ideas supported by years of research by experts in the education field.

I am a retired secondary school improvement consultant from the Southern Ohio Educational Service Center in Wilmington, Ohio.  I have been in education almost 25 years. (Half in the classroom and the other half  administering to educators.)

I spend time reading and writing research that focuses on education and relationship building that promotes student achievement and success. I enjoy listening to books on tape as well as curling with a good book to escape the everyday stresses of our changing world. Technology intrigues me.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I love spending time with family and friends.

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